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The initiative activities are to help foster the aims of camp.

Each activity relies on team effort; using cooperation, coordination, and problem solving.

Mutual support within the group is increased along with plenty of fun whilst working as a member of a team.

Present each activity to the group in such a way that will challenge them, be aware there are different ways of solving/completing each problem. There is more than one right way.


Safety is very important with all these activities.
Make sure safety is a strong element in the way the students solve the problems.
Observe carefully while the students are working and be alert for potential accidents.


Make sure you are familiar with the activities and what is expected of the students before you take the session.

  • Choose which activities you want to do (some or all)
  • Divide the students into teams/groups (maybe 8-12per group).
  • Use a rotation system, so teams move
  • All the activities can be given 10-15mins each. from one activity to the next, OR
  • Allow the groups a reasonable amount of time to solve/complete each activity, and then allow them to move onto another.

Allow ten-minutes at the end of the session to bring everyone together for a debriefing. Encourage discussion about the activities, the trials and tribulations that each group experienced.

Remember, there is more than one right way.

Always be aware of SAFETY