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Nature is the best way to learn
Adventure Breeds Curiosity

Fulfilling experiences

Providing catered or self-catered facilities for schools, family groups, church and council youth groups, and government agencies.

Opportunities exist to explore the local environment beaches and bush setting all year round. Talk to us about your program needs.

“When I’m outside with my students, it’s so different from inside. We’re real people again, everyone’s guard goes down. I get to know them a lot better.””

Angahook Camp

Lounge Room

Student Accommodation 

Camp Activities

Climbing Tower

Frisbee Golf

Outdoor Education

Local History

Angahook provides engaging
quality experiences

Angahook Holiday Camp is an Australian Camps Association Accredited Camp.

Personalized hospitality and local information. Make your experience more enjoyable.

“On camp quiet children start to talk more and children who find it hard to be constrained begin to relax. These are my favourite times with students.”

Above all else try something

For bookings contact

Julie or Angus on 03 5289 6774
email info@angahook.com.au

Angahook School Camp Updates

The Giant swing

Having to much fun on the Giant swing! This heart pounding activity is quite the adrenalin rush and well worth the thrill. Read more

Cliff top walk to the lighthouse

A beautiful day for the cliff top walk eating lunch at the lighthouse before arriving at camp! These kids are loving the views!! Read more

Camping at Angahook

Camping at Angahook. Think outside the classroom, and breathe in the fresh air. In nature we observe growth and development in living things Read more

Evening walks after dinner

There are tracks suitable for evening walks  you can take your groups on after dinner were you can, practise mindfulness and respecting this beautiful environment we are lucky to be a part of. Read more